About 4:30 AM

Tremor: 1.6, Depth: 8.7 miles, Location: 3.7 miles from Morgan Hill, CA.

So, it’s currently 4:35 AM Pacific Time, and I can’t sleep, so I figured I would take the initiative, and finally start a blog to document my travels over the next year. While Facebook is useful for photos, and Twitter can alert people to where I am, only on a blog, I feel, can you really express the feelings you’re bound to feel while leaving for a foreign land. In my case, that land is the forgotten half of the Holy Land, Jordan. I leave in 50 days, on September 1st.

I originally got the idea to write using this concept when I thought that I felt the earth move, just ever so slightly, in my Cross Cultural Training class, and realized earthquakes are a great metaphor for events in life. People from areas that don’t often feel earthquakes may not know, but the measurement of an earthquake goes far beyond the number given to it by the U.S.G.S., or their foreign equalivilant. With an earthquake, scientists measure the depth and location of the epicenter, and the strength of the movement. Every one point up on the scale is ten times larger than the previous. For example, a 4.0 has the force of 15 metric tons of TNT, but a 5.0 is a force of 480 metric tons. In addition, the deeper the quake, the less visible its effects are on the surface, and quakes smaller than a two barely show up on a meter. You can see now why I chose this metaphor to represent culture shock.

So that’s the concept. But who am I? I’m that weird kid at the back of the class, twiddling his thumbs in a way that seems a little too specific. I could give you direct quotes from county political officials from states across the country, simply because they were on Rachel the night before, or write out the lyrics to Honeycomb the day after it was released, and yet I still have trouble remembering what I ate for breakfast. I’m just that guy who’s there. I’m not afraid to be an idiot, I’m just afraid to do everything else. I just am. But now it’s approaching 5AM, and I better get my ass to bed. I’ll probably be drifting off to either Twin Shadow’s new album, or Swing Lo Magellan. I recommend both highly.

To the future!



About crazytvfan815

A nearly-20 college student about to spend a year in Amman, Jordan, having never traveled to the Middle East before, and not knowing a word of Arabic.
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